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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Precision Fit - Mizuno

Find the shoe that matches your running DNA

At our Running Expos and events, and at many of our leading retailers, a fitting expert can use our Precision Fit system to measure your stride and provide a shoe recommendation for your own unique running style. If you can’t get to an in-person fitting, our Mizuno Precision Fit online system is the next best thing.

By self-assessing eight critical factors related to your running stride, Precision Fit will give you several recommendations for shoes that match the cushioning level (maximum to performance) and stability level (control to neutral) you need to get the most out of every run.

Mizuno Precision Fit online determines your shoe by measuring the following:
Weight: Helps determine the correct amount of cushioning for your shoe
Pace: Determines your overall performance level
Arch/Foot Type: Foot shape helps determine which shoe will fit your foot
Foot rotation: How far your toes rotate in or out during your stride
Foot strike: Measures whether you land on your heel or midfoot
Static leg axis: Measures standing leg and knee orientation
Flexibility: Overall flexibility
Dynamic leg axis: Measures leg axis while running/jogging

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