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Monday, April 18, 2011

Energizer Night Race 2011 - Sports chief in the dark

PETALING JAYA: The organisers of the Energizer Night Run 2011, heavily criticised by participants who claimed that the event was “badly organised”, may have landed in even more trouble, this time with the Sports Commissioner's Office.
The failure of the organisers to get the office's approval may have resulted in them breaching the Sports Development Act 1997, and they could face a hefty fine of up to RM5,000 or even a jail term.
The Sports Commissioner's Office, when contacted yesterday, was "in the dark" over the night event, held at the Sepang International Circuit on Saturday night, and was puzzled over why the organisers did not seek its approval beforehand.
Sports Commissioner Datuk Yasin Salleh stressed that all sporting events must seek the office’s approval before they are hosted.
“I was unaware of this race until you told me. I know the organisers of the KL Standard Chartered marathon have sought our approval (for the event scheduled on June 16).
“Usually, we will seek the views of the national body before giving the green light."
A check with the Malaysian Amateur Athletics Union and the FT Amateur Athletics Association revealed they were also unaware of the race.
Events endorsed by the SC's office in the past include the ATP Malaysian Open and the Nike City 10km run.
Approval is compulsory under the Sports Development Act 1997.
Article 36 (1) states: “A company shall not involve itself in any sporting activity or in any other activity related to sports as may be prescribed by the Minister in the regulations unless it is licensed to do so by the Commissioner.”
Article 39 of the Act reads: “Any person found guilty of an offence under this Act for which no penalty is expressly provided shall on conviction be liable to a fine not exceeding five thousand ringgit or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding six months or both.”
Yassin said: “If the public's grouses are valid, we will write to the organisers asking them for an explanation.”
However, Expose Media Sdn Bhd director Josie Huang Wan Ling told The Malay Mail this morning a sanction from the Sports Commissioner was not required for the event as the race was considered only a "fun run".
"The event was not supposed to have been a sanctioned race from the beginning."
The organisers are already reeling from accusations of poor management, which has led to massive online protests in blogs and the setting up of Facebook groups "boycotting" the event.
The event's official Facebook account was also bombarded by angry participants claiming the race was “badly organised”.
Participants claimed they were also charged a RM10 parking fee and not all returned home with goodie bags.
Some also alleged a group of “60 VVIP participants received RM3,000 (RM50 each) as compensation”. Pages titled "Energizer Night Race KL 2011: We want justice" and "Boycott Energizer Night Race" have cropped up as well.
Video clips showing police helping to diffuse the situation were also uploaded on YouTube.
The inaugural Energizer Night Race was held at Cyberjaya last year. The 2011 edition of the night race attracted 10,000 runners.
Participants paid between RM65 and RM75 to take part in the run.

Look how the organizer distributes the goodies bags.

thousands of particiapnts are made to queue on this narrow tunnel.

Police attempting to disperse the crowd .

Find more at youtube videoclip:-


Some Message from Der_KeenRuNNer members:-
kr1: Feel dissapointed about this event and the organiser...what the Fxxx!!!!!
kr2: Energizer Night Race is a worst event I ever participant n pls remember the organizer name called
kr17: Energizer Night Race is nightmate for all runners, v shud complain them! so many weaknesses all the way frm reporting til finish? how can organizer cabut half way even b4 event FM completed? all FM runners not even enuf water to run, some oso run back to holland wit no marshall guide!!!!!!no goodie bag, no medal, no finisher t, no drinks, no gel, no banana, apa pun tarak!

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  1. i feel pity for those full marathoners who completed the run without the present of organisers be it directly or indirectly. the organiser treated all the runners like barbarian. what the WTF!!! I want refund of goodie bags, money plus the parking fee including an explanation