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Monday, April 18, 2011

Energizer Night Race 2011 - Participants run down organiser of night marathon

PETALING JAYA: Participants of a night marathon held at the Sepang International Circuit are dissatisfied over what they claim was poor organisation.
Andreas West, a participant of the Energizer Night Race 2011, claimed that thousands were cramped in an underground tunnel that connected the SIC pit area to the mall area because race organiser Expose Media had set up counters for participants to collect their headlamps there.
The German expatriate, who started a Facebook page on the incident, said there were “serious health and security risks” unattended to throughout the event.
“While I am thankful that nothing tragic had happened, I share the sentiments of many participants of the marathon who have said that this was a very badly organised event,” said West, who is also Celcom Bhd's customer management senior vice-president, yesterday.
The event had taken place on Saturday night.
Many race finishers said they did not receive their finisher medals and certificates.
Participants also claimed that there was a lack of signages, water stops, medical personnel and race marshals.
They are now demanding that they be compensated.
Participants had to fork out RM55 for early birds or RM75 to join the marathon.
Marketing communications manager Ashley Khoo, 32, who ran the 21km leg of the marathon said due recognition should be given to runners who had completed their run.
“Many of us went home without a finisher medal.
“We had been practising for months to prepare ourselves to be fit for the race,” she said.
It is understood that the event's main sponsor Energizer will meet Expose Media to discuss further action to be taken.
“We appreciate the comments on the race. All finishing goodie bags will be given out and an official statement from Expose and Energizer will be out soon,” an announcement on the event website said.
Expose Media also offered their apologies to all the runners on its Facebook page, saying that the outcome of the meeting would be announced today.

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