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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Tribe-to-Tribe International Marathon 2010 Thailand

Strap on your running shoes, set a training schedule, and join us for a spectacular run in the most beautiful region of the planet to benefit Karen Hill Tribe children.
The Tribe-to-Tribe Marathon is organized through the Rustic Pathways Foundation. All proceeds go pay for school fees, books, uniforms, and food at a local orphanage.
We hope you come to join us on July 4th, 2010 for the most rewarding run on earth.

Date: 4th July 2010, Sunday
Venue: Rustic Pathways Hill Tribe Orphange Home, Mae Sariang Province, Thailand
Starting Time :
~ 4.30 am. (Marathon 42.195 km.)
~ 5.30 am. (Half Marathon 21.1 km.)
~ 6.30 am. (Mini Marathon 10 km.)
~ 8.00 am. (Fun Run / Kids Run / Walk)
Foreign Registration Fees:
Marathon 42.195 km. = USD 25
Half Marathon 21.1 km. = USD 20
Mini Marathon 10 km. = USD 15
Fun Run / Kids Run / Walk = USD 5
*More than 1000 people joining this year.*
*Accommodation arrangements. We are working with local hotel, resorts, guest house, military camp, school, temples and government places to help with accommodations for participants’ runner and their families. Please let us know what is your group side we will sent you a list of accommodation and cost. Room charge start from THB 400 up to THB 2500 per room per night for single / twin / double. *

The fist 7 winner of Marathon will receive trophies + 1 trophy for over all winner.
The fist 7 winner of Half Marathon will receive trophies + 1 trophy for over all winner.
The fist 5 winner of Mini Marathon will receive trophies + 1 trophy for over all winner.

Finisher Medal:
All participants how finisher Full Marathon will receive medal & T-Shirt.
All participants how finisher Half Marathon will receive medal.
All participants how finisher Mini Marathon will receive medal.

For Online Registration, click here
For more information, visit to Official Website.

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