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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Larian Amal 'Prostate Cancer Awareness' 2010

Date: 20th June 2010, Sunday
Venue: Visitor's carpark of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Medical Centre (UKMMC), Jalan Yaacob Latiff, Cheras
Starting Time: 7am
10km - Men Open & Women Open (Between Age 18  - 35)
7km - Junior Boys & Junior Girls (Below 18), Men Senior & Women Senior (Between Age 36-55)
5km - Men & Women Veteran (Above 56)
3km - V.I.P
Registration Fees: RM20 (free Prostate Awareness Campaign T-shirt and certificate of participation)

Cash Prizes: For Top 3 runners in each categories.
Top 50 runners in Men Open, Junior Boys and Men Senior Categories.
Top 30 runners in Women Open, Junior Girls, Women Senior, Men And Women Veteran Categories.
*This running event only open for Malaysian*

Method of Register:
•Borang penyertaan serta bayaran tunai boleh dibuat mulai 14hb Jun 2010 di UnitKewangan PPUKM (Tingkat 1 Blok Pendidikan),
•Kaunter Pendaftaran juga akan dibuka pada 18hb Jun 2010 di Lobi Utama PPUKM.
*Nombor Peserta akan disediakan dan wajib dipakai semasa larian. Sila mengambil Nombor Peserta pada hari Jumaat (18hb Jun 2010).*

For more information, please contact:
Customer Service Department 03-91455069
En. Muhammad Shamil Suhaimi 013-3320943
Mr. Teo Chee Yang 012-4978919
Miss Nurul Syamimi bt Mohd Shukree  013-6248841
Mr. Cheng Teck Chee 012-6970256 or visit Official Website at
Course Map....
Registration Form.....

Closing Date Registration: 18th June 2010

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