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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Beijing Hyundai Beijing Marathon 2015 - Beijing, China

Date: 20 September 2015, Sunday
Starting Point - Tian'anmen Square, Beijing, China
Finishing Point - Celebration Square of Scenic Boulevard, Beijing Olympic Park

Race Starting Time: 7.30am

Distance: Full Marathon (42.195km)

- Full Marathon Men & Women Open (20 years old  above)

Entry Fee:
Full Marathon - RMB 200* / Chinese Registrants, USD$100 / Foreigners
*Chinese Registrants - Including registrants from Hong Kong, Macau & Taiwan*

Registration Info:
Online Registration is Closed

Race Prize:
Cash Prize:
- Awarded to
 Top 8 qualified finisher's to Men & Women Full Marathon category respectively

Special Cash Prize (Times Bonus):
- This Award is issue to runners for their highest performance, non-accumulative:
1.) Male
- 20,000 USD for sub 2:07'16" and ranking as top 1 will be awarded 

2.) Female
- 40,000 USD for sub 2:19'39" ranking as top 1 will be awarded 

*Chinese athletes will receive the prize in equal value of RMB.*

Special Cash Prize (Times Bonus for Chinese athletes): 1.) Male & Female:
- 50,000 RMB, 30,000 RMB and 20,000 RMB for within 2:14'00" and 2:290'00" be ranked in the Top 3 place respectively.

Trophy Medal & Suit of Sportwear:
- Awarded to
 Top 3 qualified finisher's to Men & Women Full Marathon category respectively.

Amateur Award:
Based on sex and age range (divided by 5 years as an age zone), will be award the top 3 runners within each sxe and age zone. Top 10 runners within each sex and aged zone will be awarded as :Super Runner in Beijing Marathon".

Participants Entitlements:
- Running Tee Shirt
- Souvenir Medal (for Full Marathon Finisher Only)
- E-Certificate

For enquiries, kindly contact or refer to:
Official Website.............

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