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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2014 - Result

Date: 12th October 2014, Sunday
Venue: Dataran  Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur
Race Start Time:
4.30am - Full Marathon (42km)
6am - Half Marathon (21km)
6.30am - MSIG 10km Speed
7.15m - MSIG 10km Cruise Run, Corporate, Ministries & Universities Challenge
8am - MSIG 10km Leisure Run
8.45am - 5km Fun Run,
8.50am - 3km Kids Dash
8.55am - 1km Kids Dash
*Corporate, Ministries & Universities Challenge - A minimum number of 3 runners is required for each team, and the maximum number of runners each team can have is 10. The average time of the top 3 finishers from team will determine the winning.*
Men Category: Open Category & Veteran Category (Over age of 40)
Women Category: Open Category & Veteran Category (Over age of 40)
*Only apply to Ful Marathon, Half Marathon & 10km Category*

Distance: Full Marathon - 42km, Half Marathon - 21km, 10km Run, 5km, 3km& 1km

1km Kids Dash Result:
Thini (kr4.1.1) - 8'00"

Men Open 21km Result:
Chin Yong (kr13) - 2:25'16"

Men Open 42km Result:
CK Wong (kr1) - 4:05'00"
Yokohama Lee (kr26) - 4:23'29"
Jeff Wong (kr8) - 4:30'57"
Maxon Luke (kr3) - 4:39'45"
BJ Teoh (kr22) - 4:53'05"

Ken Lam (kr17) - 5:14'36"
SK Ho (kr19) - 5:53'29"

Wai Loong (kr14) - 6:34'28"

Vhoot (kr4) - 7:00'19"

Men Veteran 42km Result:
Peter Yap (kr18) - 4:50'07"

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