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Monday, March 31, 2014

Run For St. John 2014

One of the St.John Ambulans Malaysia Selangor Darul Ehsan (SJAM-SDE) 80th Anniversary Events.

Date: 1st June 2014, Sunday
Venue: SJAM-KSB HQ ( In front SJAM-KPS Haemodialysis Centre Banting)

Starting Time: 6am
Distance: 8km
Open (13 years old & above)

Entry Fees:
Early Birds ( until 01/04/2014): RM25
Normal Fee ( after 01/04/2014): RM30

Manual Registration:
Please submit your application form together with bank slip via email to:
Run For St. John 2014


Counter Registration:
Submit your entry form and payment to:-
1.) St. John Ambulans Malaysia (SJAM),
Selangor Western Area HQ 

2.) St. John Ambulans Malaysia (SJAM), Selangor Western Area HQ 
2nd floor of Take Away,
(225A, Jalan Telok Bunut, Taman Delima Banting)

All entry fee can be in cash /cheque payable to: 
"St.John Ambulans Malaysia-Kawasan Selangor Barat''

Payment Info:
The payment by Cash / Cheque / Cash Deposit must be made payable to:

Account Holder: Ng Wee Chong
Account No: 0365-1151-556
Payee Bank: Hong Laong Bank
*Please keep your payment slip for record*
*Please fax your registration together wth payment slip upon submission to:-  
Runners Entitlement:
- Running Tee
- Finisher Medal
- Certificates

For more info, please contact or refer to:
Ng Wee Chong: 016-277 0602
Mr. Lim Chowlen: 016-3434 988
Mr. Oo Cheong Yee: 012-274 4700
Mr. Tan Cheng Hwa: 016-213 7313
Mr. Lee Wei Teck: 014-666 5433
Ms. Chong Shwe Mun: 010-760 6689

Closing Date Registration: 15th May 2014


Entry Form.....

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