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Monday, January 6, 2014

Brooks Kuantan Half Marathon 2014 - Pahang

Date: 11th May 2014, Sunday
Venue: Teruntum Mini Zoo, Kuantan, Pahang
Race Start Time: 6am
Distance: 10km & 21km
M21 - Men Open (All ages) - 21km
W21 - Women Open (All ages) - 21km
MV21 - Men Veteran (45 years & above) - 21km
WV21 - Women Veteran (45 years & above) - 21km
IM21 - International Men Open (All ages) - 21km
IW21 - International Women Open (All ages) - 21km

M10 - Men Open (All ages) - 10km
W10 - Women Open (All ages) - 10km
MV10 - Men Veteran (45 years & above) - 10km
WV10 - Women Veteran (45 years & above) - 10km
*All ages - Participants below the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult / parent / guardian at all times during the course of the run.*

Entry Fee:
Early Bird (before 20/01/2014):
Category 21km = RM60
Category 10km = RM40

Normal Period (21/02/2014 till 21/03/2014):
Category 21km = RM70
Category 10km = RM50

Late Registration (22/02/2014 till 06/04/2014):
Category 21km = RM85
Category 10km = RM65

Registration Info:
Online Registration & Payment is available.........

Race Prize:
Cash Prize:
~ Will be awarded to the Top 5 qualified finishers to 10km & 21km Open Category respectively. (except International Category)
Sponsor Product Voucher:
~ Will be awarded to the Top 5 qualified finishers to 10km & 21km Category respectively.
~ Will be awarded to the Top 10 qualified finishers to 10km & 21km Open Category respectively.
~ Will be awarded to the Top 3 qualified finishers to 21km International Category respectively.

 Runners Entitlement:
- Event Running Vest
- Finisher Tee (only for 21km category)
- Finisher Medal
- E - Certificate
- Light Breakfast
- Goodie Bag
- Refreshments
- Lucky Draw & Games
For more enquiries, kindly contact or refer to:
Michele Phua: 018-204 9937
Closing Date Registration: 07th April 2014

10km Route Course....

21km Route Course.....
Running Vest Design.....

Finisher Medal Design.....
Finisher Tee Design.....

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